When the events of life go on against me, I learned to trust God. It is often in these moments that I place myself face to God in all humility and that I recognize my faults knowingly.

I shed my tears on his words, which is a merely symbolic gesture but how to appreciate by God. They are on his word as an unction. I position myself like a child facing his throne. So with all my might, I implore the Holy Spirit to invade my whole person so that my prayers may go up to God and be offered to Him like a present. I implore his help … I cry to him what a son expects from his Divine Father and I base my requested on all these promises to the homeless and orphans.

As I write these words, I am touched by the grace of God. I collapse on my desk and cry. I say to myself, why do I deserve all this love? Me ! Yes, this child rejected by his family, whose life was misery, tears, fighting, falling, but I always got up when I often had no strength to fight. I wonder, and I say to him: Yes Lord … Why me? Do not you see how great my sins are? It is then, that I become aware of all the proofs of love of this Divine Father ” GOD ”.

But let’s return for a moment to the power of prayer. A few weeks ago, I drive my vehicle, a 2006 Chevrolet Impala with more than 304,000 km to visit Tim Horton’s for coffee. When leaving, my vehicle just refuses to leave, my battery is dead. I then contact Dallas, and I ask him for help. We manage to leave his vehicle without much misery. After thanking him I say to myself, well I’m going to go grocery shopping. While I park, I say to myself, test your vehicle if it will restart again. I’m doing the test, it does not restart. A customer of the shopping center then offers me his help. We manage to restart it. We were a Friday.

In the same evening we had a recreational activity at Generations Church. When the evening is over, I hope my vehicle will restart, but no. I then fell into tears on my dashboard. I invoked God to breathe his holy spirit into me. At that moment, I started talking to him in another language that only he could hear. The cries of a child in tear crisis then rose to him. By a gesture of faith, I then put my hands on my dashboard and asked God that my battery restarts. When you turn the key in contact, a CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK sounds, and it lasts, it seems like an eternity. Then goosebumps covered me, the electric current passed through me and my vehicle left. Since, my battery acts like an old new … There is no secret that could remain hidden in the eyes of God. Thank God !!